International Students’ Day Coincides with the 35th Fall Festival of Shakespeare


International Students’ Day Coincides with the 35th Fall Festival of Shakespeare


This weekend, we celebrate International Students’ Day: a global observance that honors students around the globe for their passion, activism, and hard work.

Students have changed the course of history time and time again, and International Students’ Day has been observed on November 17 since 1941. The International Students’ Council, based in London, chose to name this day in honor students from all countries and all walks of life. In the decades since then, the day has become a time to amplify student voices and advocate for better education all around the globe

This year, International Students’ Day coincides with the culmination of the 35th Fall Festival of Shakespeare: a program that touches the lives of more than 500 students every year, and has uplifted students since 1988. 

The high school students who participate every year are the heart and soul of this festival. In a non-competitive environment, they are able to connect with fellow students from other schools during the nine-week festival each fall – from Common Classes taught by Shakespeare & Company Education Artists to watching each other’s productions of various Shakespeare plays. 

The students delve into the language of Shakespeare and produce full productions with the support of Shakespeare & Company directing teams, who are in residency with each school.

This weekend, students will fill the Tina Packer Playhouse for a weekend packed with exhilarating Shakespeare. These students are energetic,  passionate,  up-and-coming artists who exemplify the spirit of International Students’ Day, bringing vibrancy, values, and voice  to Shakespeare & Company’s campus every year. 

We invite you to join us for the culminating weekend of this year’s Fall Festival of Shakespeare. Below, please find the full schedule of events for the weekend, including ticketing links.

Friday, November 17

6:15 pm – Mount Everett Regional High School’s Henry V
Directed by Madeleine Rose Maggio & Jerald Wheat

8:30 pm – Lenox Memorial High School’s Macbeth
Directed by: Tori Rhoades & Malle Winters

Saturday, November 18

1:15 pm – Pittsfield High School’s As You Like It
Directed by: Caroline Calkins & Sara Linares

3:30 pm – Springfield Central High School’s Richard III
Directed by: Ellie Bartz, Kristin Yates, & Maurice Doran

6:15 pm – Monument Mountain Regional High School’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Directed by: Kirsten Peacock & Kelly O’Donnell

8:30 pm – Mount Greylock Regional High School’s Romeo & Juliet
Directed by: Naire Poole & Erin O’Connor

Sunday, November 19

1:15 pm – Taconic Hills Jr/Sr High School’s Hamlet
Directed by: Gregory Boover & Kirsten Mulrenan

3:30 pm – Chatham High School’s Much Ado About Nothing
Directed by: Nick Nudler & Beth Somerville

5 pm – Reverence & Closing Ceremony


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