Ryan Winkles

Ryan Winkles has been a Company Artist at Shakespeare & Company since 2006 as an actor, fight choreographer, and teacher. He has acted in, or choreographed stage fight for, more than 30 productions with Shakespeare & Company, the majority of which were productions of Shakespeare plays. He has taught in the Summer Training Institute, the January Intensive, and nearly every S&Co Education program.

Apart from Shakespeare & Company he has acted in productions from one side of Massachusetts to the other with companies that include WAM Theatre, Bridge Repertory Theatre, and Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. Additionally, he trained as a circus artist and performed on various apparatuses with the Florida State University Flying High Circus.
Ryan has held teaching positions at Circus Juventas, Flipside Circus, Trapeze School New York, Brown University, UMass-Amherst, and currently teaches at Boston University.

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