Luke Haskell

Luke Haskell has performed at Shakespeare & Company as George Wickham, The Wickhams: Christmas at Pemberley) Costard, (Love’s Labor’s Lost), Lysander/Flute, (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Paris/Prince/Gregory, (Romeo & Juliet), Hamlet/Decius Brutus (I Have Had a Most Rare Vision), Boris (St. Petersburg: 1913, Winter Studio Festival of Plays), Gerald (Marcus is walking, Joan Ackermann: One Playwright, One Weekend) Ensemble, (Shakespeare & The Language that Shaped a World). The Conspirators (Chicago, Ill.): Opposition Leader, (The InEptidemic.) Rooted Voyageurs: Benvolio/Friar Lawrence, (Romeo & Juliet). Advice to the Players:  Duke Vincentio, (Measure for Measure), Lucentio (The Taming of the Shrew). Aglet Theater Company: Tom (These Shining Lives). UMass Theater Department: Dwight (Dead Man’s Cell Phone), Roland (Constellations), Van (Dog Sees God), Stephano/Ensemble (The Merchant of Venice). He is an actor, writer, and musician who graduated from UMass Amherst in 2015 with a double major in Theater and Communication, where he acted in many performances and composed original music for productions of The Merchant of Venice and Romeo & Juliet.  In 2019, he was nominated for Best Actor in a Play by the New Hampshire Theater Alliance, for his portrayal of the Duke in Measure for Measure. He is currently workshopping his play A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare, a spooky adaptation of the Shakespeare classic. He has worked for the Education department at Shakepeare & Company since 2016.

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